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St. Matthew School's First Nations and Metis students enjoyed hands-on learning this month.  Staff and students owe a huge thank you to Teddi, Brian, and Tracy for their phenomenal work with our students in targeted cultural learning.  The projects are done in conjunction with teaching of values and spiritual lessons. There are a few of the projects out in the front display case; look for the lessons of the dragonfly, coming soon, to be placed with the projects.

Grade 4 and 5 students would like to share some of the lessons they learned.

   "If you find an eagle feather, you can't really keep it, because you haven't earned it. You need to give it to somebody who has earned it."

   "Sometimes when you finish university or college you get an eagle feather."

   "Only chiefs wear the headdress.  They earned all those feathers for doing stuff for their community."

   "If they have a whole lot [of feathers] down their back, it means they did a lot of good deeds; they earned it."

   "I remember that we should not wear a headdress to Tim Horton's or for a costume."

   "You cannot wear a headdress on Halloween; you cannot make fun of the headdress."

   "It's more for a sign of respect at the powwow."

   "You have to honor the headdress."


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